Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

In this article, I want to discuss the use of ELO as an evaluation method for LLMs (Large Language Models). The LLM test portal ChatBot Arena utilizes this approach to rate LLMs. I became aware of this evaluation process behind the ChatBot Arena through Martin Blaha, who had read my article “How are LLM systems… Continue reading Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

OpenAI starts ChatGPT Store

In line with OpenAI’s ongoing commitment to presenting innovative solutions in the world of Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT announced the launch of their ChatGPT Store for the following week. This development marks a significant milestone by enabling users to share and disseminate their own applications based on ChatGPT. To ensure smooth integration and compliance, certain guidelines… Continue reading OpenAI starts ChatGPT Store

MS starts Copilot with GPT 4.0

Using ChatGPT 4.0 for Free Microsoft now makes this possible! Microsoft has introduced a new app called “Copilot” for Android devices, which allows free access to ChatGPT 4.0. This app is independent of the Bing mobile application and is available in the Google Play Store. An iOS version is still under development. Main features of… Continue reading MS starts Copilot with GPT 4.0

Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

Superalignment Fast Grants: A $10 Million Initiative by OpenAI Introduction to Superalignment Fast Grants OpenAI announces the launch of the “Superalignment Fast Grants,” a substantial $10 million grant program aimed at fostering technical research on the alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems. This program is a response to the imperative need for new breakthroughs… Continue reading Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

Usage of special symbols in ChatGPT

Here’s an overview of how each of the symbols //, #, [], {}, @, and _ can be symbolically used to enhance your prompts in ChatGPT: Overview special ChatGPT characters Double Slashes //: Commenting or Adding Context Purpose: To provide additional context or secondary notes within a prompt.Examples:“Explain the lifecycle of a star // focusing… Continue reading Usage of special symbols in ChatGPT

OpenAI fires Sam Altman

OpenAI Appoints Mira Murati as Interim CEO Following Sam Altman’s Departure OpenAI, Inc., a leading entity in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced a significant leadership change. Sam Altman, the company’s CEO and board member, is stepping down from his roles. In his stead, Mira Murati, who has been serving as the Chief Technology… Continue reading OpenAI fires Sam Altman