Radio AI Helgoland

Helgoland, the scenic island in the North Sea, is a place of unique charm and history. Known for its stunning red rock coast, called “Lange Anna,” and rich maritime heritage, Helgoland has established itself as a jewel away from busy mainland life. The island, proudly rising above the North Sea’s blue waves, is not just… Continue reading Radio AI Helgoland

ASU signed up with ChatGPT Enterprise

Setting New Standards in the World of Education The Arizona State University (ASU) has taken a decisive step into the future of education by entering into a partnership with OpenAI. Lev Gonick, Chief Information Officer at ASU, highlights the significance of this development: “Nearly two-thirds of organizations are already actively exploring the integration of AI.… Continue reading ASU signed up with ChatGPT Enterprise

Meta goes (again) all in – this time AI

Meta Advances Development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) In the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Meta, the company behind Facebook, has announced its plans for the further development and integration of its AI research efforts. This marks a crucial step towards the realization of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an advanced form of AI capable… Continue reading Meta goes (again) all in – this time AI

Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

In this article, I want to discuss the use of ELO as an evaluation method for LLMs (Large Language Models). The LLM test portal ChatBot Arena utilizes this approach to rate LLMs. I became aware of this evaluation process behind the ChatBot Arena through Martin Blaha, who had read my article “How are LLM systems… Continue reading Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

Overview LLM Benchmark

When reports emerge about new or improved LLMs (Large Language Models), as has been the case recently with OpenChat or Mistral, or even when it’s just about the capabilities of ChatGPT, benchmark values are repeatedly presented and brought into consideration. These benchmarks are intended, on one hand, to represent the capabilities of the LLMs, and… Continue reading Overview LLM Benchmark

OpenAI starts ChatGPT Store

In line with OpenAI’s ongoing commitment to presenting innovative solutions in the world of Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT announced the launch of their ChatGPT Store for the following week. This development marks a significant milestone by enabling users to share and disseminate their own applications based on ChatGPT. To ensure smooth integration and compliance, certain guidelines… Continue reading OpenAI starts ChatGPT Store

Solving Problems with FunSearch and LLMs

The publication “Mathematical discoveries from program search with large language models” was authored by Bernardino Romera-Paredes, Mohammadamin Barekatain, Alexander Novikov, Matej Balog, M. Pawan Kumar, Emilien Dupont, Francisco J. R. Ruiz, Jordan S. Ellenberg, Pengming Wang, Omar Fawzi, Pushmeet Kohli, and Alhussein Fawzi and published in the journal Nature. In their publication, the authors present… Continue reading Solving Problems with FunSearch and LLMs

Extraction of GPT training data

The article “Scalable Extraction of Training Data from (Production) Language Models” by Milad Nasr, Nicholas Carlini, Jonathan Hayase, Matthew Jagielski, A. Feder Cooper, Daphne Ippolito, Christopher A. Choquette-Choo, Eric Wallace, Florian Tramèr, and Katherine Lee examines how training data can be extracted from language models. The authors focus on identifying training data stored in large… Continue reading Extraction of GPT training data

MS starts Copilot with GPT 4.0

Using ChatGPT 4.0 for Free Microsoft now makes this possible! Microsoft has introduced a new app called “Copilot” for Android devices, which allows free access to ChatGPT 4.0. This app is independent of the Bing mobile application and is available in the Google Play Store. An iOS version is still under development. Main features of… Continue reading MS starts Copilot with GPT 4.0

EmotionPrompt Technique

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of a remarkable development: the integration of emotional intelligence into Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and GPT-4. A study by Cheng Li, Jindong Wang, Yixuan Zhang, Kaijie Zhu, Wenxin Hou, Jianxun Lian, Fang Luo, Qiang Yang, and Xing Xie titled “Large Language Models Understand and Can… Continue reading EmotionPrompt Technique

Auto-Instruct: Instruction Generation

The article “Auto-Instruct: Automatic Instruction Generation and Ranking for Black-Box Language Models” was authored by a research team consisting of Zhihan Zhang, Shuohang Wang, Wenhao Yu, Yichong Xu, Dan Iter, Qingkai Zeng, Yang Liu, Chenguang Zhu, and Meng Jiang. These researchers dedicated their efforts to enhancing the efficiency of large language models (LLMs) by optimizing… Continue reading Auto-Instruct: Instruction Generation

Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

Superalignment Fast Grants: A $10 Million Initiative by OpenAI Introduction to Superalignment Fast Grants OpenAI announces the launch of the “Superalignment Fast Grants,” a substantial $10 million grant program aimed at fostering technical research on the alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems. This program is a response to the imperative need for new breakthroughs… Continue reading Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

OpenAI Whisper

A Technical Overview of Whisper: Developments in Automatic Speech Recognition Introduced in 2022, “Whisper” represents a significant advancement in automatic speech recognition systems (ASR). Developed by a team of researchers, this system is based on an extensive and diverse dataset, consisting of 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised learning from the web. Whisper is… Continue reading OpenAI Whisper

Future of Work Report

The Rise of AI in Numbers One of the most striking trends is the immense increase in AI-related conversations and interests. LinkedIn recorded a 70% increase in AI discussions, with terms like “ChatGPT” and “Generative AI” gaining significant popularity. The workforce is at a turning point: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically Generative AI (GAI) are… Continue reading Future of Work Report

Klarna cuts jobs

Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski is heavily investing in AI, leading to a hiring freeze. He told “The Telegraph” that the company will undergo downsizing. Currently, Klarna is not hiring new staff, with the exception of engineers. Last May, the fintech company laid off 10% of its workforce amid an economic downturn in the tech industry.… Continue reading Klarna cuts jobs

Usage of special symbols in ChatGPT

Here’s an overview of how each of the symbols //, #, [], {}, @, and _ can be symbolically used to enhance your prompts in ChatGPT: Overview special ChatGPT characters Double Slashes //: Commenting or Adding Context Purpose: To provide additional context or secondary notes within a prompt.Examples:“Explain the lifecycle of a star // focusing… Continue reading Usage of special symbols in ChatGPT

llamafile – LLM local

Llamafile, an innovative project developed by Mozilla and Justine Tunney, represents a significant advancement in the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) on local computers. This technology allows for the operation of advanced language models, similar to ChatGPT, directly on one’s own computer. A llamafile is a comprehensive file that contains both the model weights… Continue reading llamafile – LLM local

Due to AI: University Replaces Bachelor’s Thesis

As reported by the Czech edition of Forbes, at the Prague University of Economics and Business (PUEB), the bachelor’s theses for students starting their studies in the field of Business Administration in the next academic year will be replaced. Why are bachelor’s theses at PUEB being replaced? The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration,… Continue reading Due to AI: University Replaces Bachelor’s Thesis

X starts Grok AI

Grok is being developed as an advanced AI platform that provides comprehensive response functionality and proactive question assistance. It stands out for its real-time knowledge access and ability to respond to complex queries that are often not addressed by other systems. Currently, Grok is in an early beta phase, with rapid progress expected through user… Continue reading X starts Grok AI

„Levels of AGI: Operationalizing Progress on the Path to AGI“

The article “Levels of AGI: Operationalizing Progress on the Path to AGI,” authored by Meredith Ringel Morris, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein, Noah Fiedel, Tris Warkentin, Allan Dafoe, Aleksandra Faust, Clement Farabet, and Shane Legg, addresses the classification and assessment of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its precursors. The paper proposes a framework defining levels of AGI capabilities,… Continue reading „Levels of AGI: Operationalizing Progress on the Path to AGI“