ASU signed up with ChatGPT Enterprise


Setting New Standards in the World of Education

The Arizona State University (ASU) has taken a decisive step into the future of education by entering into a partnership with OpenAI.

Lev Gonick, Chief Information Officer at ASU, highlights the significance of this development: “Nearly two-thirds of organizations are already actively exploring the integration of AI. These tools offer individuals and organizations – regardless of their size – the opportunity to harness the power of AI for creative and innovative endeavors.”

A central aspect of this partnership is the introduction of ChatGPT Enterprise, an advanced version of ChatGPT specifically developed for use in businesses and educational institutions. ChatGPT Enterprise not only offers advanced features but also benefits in terms of data processing and security:

Ownership: Users own and control their data.

No Training Involvement: Entered data is not used for training ChatGPT.

Ownership of Inputs and Outputs: Users own their inputs and outputs, as far as legally permissible.

Control Over Data Retention: Users of ChatGPT Enterprise can determine how long their data is retained.

ASU President Michael M. Crow sees great potential in these technologies: “Augmented and artificial intelligence systems are here to stay. They offer incredible opportunities to accelerate and deepen learning.”

The partnership focuses on improving student success, opening new avenues for innovative research, and optimizing organizational processes. Starting in February, ASU will invite proposals from faculty members and staff for the implementation of ChatGPT Enterprise.

Brad Lightcap from OpenAI emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “ASU continues its tradition of innovation by integrating ChatGPT into its educational programs. We look forward to learning from ASU and expanding the impact of ChatGPT in higher education.”

With 19 centers and labs dedicated to AI research, and over $340 million in active funding, ASU confirms its leading role in AI research and application.

This partnership between ASU and OpenAI marks a significant milestone in the development and application of AI technologies in the field of education, offering promising prospects for the future of higher education, where AI will play an increasingly important role.

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