Overview LLM Benchmark

When reports emerge about new or improved LLMs (Large Language Models), as has been the case recently with OpenChat or Mistral, or even when it’s just about the capabilities of ChatGPT, benchmark values are repeatedly presented and brought into consideration. These benchmarks are intended, on one hand, to represent the capabilities of the LLMs, and… Continue reading Overview LLM Benchmark

Instruction Tuning and the Tuna Model

In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), language models play a central role. These models, known as Large Language Models (LLMs), have the potential to conduct human-like conversations and answer complex queries. But how can the effectiveness of these models be further enhanced? A key lies in the so-called “Instruction Tuning”. What is Instruction Tuning?… Continue reading Instruction Tuning and the Tuna Model

McDonald’s partners with Google

McDonald’s and Google announced a strategic partnership to integrate Google’s cloud technology and generative AI solutions across thousands of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. This multi-year global collaboration aims to advance McDonald’s restaurant technology platform, making it one of the most sophisticated in the industry. McDonald’s intends to leverage a range of Google Cloud’s hardware, data, and… Continue reading McDonald’s partners with Google

Bosch trains AI with AI

Bosch intensifies its use of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing to boost productivity and efficiency. The company has piloted generative AI in two German plants, where this technology generates synthetic images to improve optical inspections and optimize AI models. This is expected to reduce the implementation time of AI solutions from up to twelve months… Continue reading Bosch trains AI with AI

What is SDXL Turbo?

In the latest breakthrough in the world of AI-driven image generation, the research team behind SDXL Turbo introduces their newest accomplishment: a revolutionary text-to-image technology that represents a significant advancement in image synthesis. SDXL Turbo utilizes an innovative distillation technique called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD), which allows a significant reduction in the steps required for… Continue reading What is SDXL Turbo?

AI Secure by Design

Information regarding the Secure by Design principles for the field of AI can be found here: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/guidelines-secure-ai-system-development This article provides comprehensive guidelines for providers of AI systems, targeting large organizations, cyber security professionals, small and medium-sized organizations, and the public sector. It emphasizes the importance of developing AI systems securely and responsibly to realize their… Continue reading AI Secure by Design