Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

In this article, I want to discuss the use of ELO as an evaluation method for LLMs (Large Language Models). The LLM test portal ChatBot Arena utilizes this approach to rate LLMs. I became aware of this evaluation process behind the ChatBot Arena through Martin Blaha, who had read my article “How are LLM systems… Continue reading Rating LLMs with ELO – the ChatBot Arena

Bard gets Gemini Pro

Bard’s New Upgrade: Gemini Pro Revolutionizes AI Experiences Google has announced the launch of Gemini, a sophisticated AI model designed to elevate Bard, Google’s AI assistant, to a new level. With Gemini Pro, a component of Gemini, Bard receives a significant upgrade, available in over 170 countries and territories. Gemini is specifically designed for flexibility… Continue reading Bard gets Gemini Pro