Bard gets Gemini Pro

Bard’s New Upgrade: Gemini Pro Revolutionizes AI Experiences Google has announced the launch of Gemini, a sophisticated AI model designed to elevate Bard, Google’s AI assistant, to a new level. With Gemini Pro, a component of Gemini, Bard receives a significant upgrade, available in over 170 countries and territories. Gemini is specifically designed for flexibility… Continue reading Bard gets Gemini Pro

Pixel goes Gemini Nano

Google recently announced an update for its Pixel series, introducing more than 20 new AI features, focusing on the Pixel 8 Pro, which benefits from the new Gemini Nano AI model. Gemini Nano and Its Role in the Pixel 8 Pro Gemini Nano is an AI model optimized for use on end devices like the… Continue reading Pixel goes Gemini Nano