Pixel goes Gemini Nano

Google recently announced an update for its Pixel series, introducing more than 20 new AI features, focusing on the Pixel 8 Pro, which benefits from the new Gemini Nano AI model.

Gemini Nano and Its Role in the Pixel 8 Pro

Gemini Nano is an AI model optimized for use on end devices like the Pixel 8 Pro. It enables local processing of AI applications without the need for a constant network connection.

Overview of AI Features

  1. Recording Summary: The Pixel 8 Pro can automatically summarize recordings in the Recorder app using Gemini Nano, which can be useful for various recordings such as conversations or interviews.
  2. Video Optimization: The Tensor G3 chip supports video editing to improve aspects like color and stabilization. There is also a night vision feature for video recordings.
  3. Time-Lapse Videos at Night: A feature for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro that allows time-lapse recordings under poor lighting conditions.
  4. Portrait Lighting in Google Photos: A new AI model aims to help improve light balance in portrait photos and reduce shadows.
  5. Sharpening for Animals and People: A feature aimed at increasing the sharpness of photos, especially for moving objects.

Additional Features

  • Dual-Screen Preview on the Pixel Fold: Allows for a preview when taking photos.
  • Improved Quality for Video Calls: The Pixel smartphone can be connected to a laptop or PC to enhance the quality of video calls.
  • Enhanced Call Filter: Google Assistant now offers context-based response suggestions for calls.
  • Document Scanner: A new feature that removes stains and creases from scanned documents.
  • Google Password Manager: Now supports Passkeys for simplified account login.

Integration with Pixel Watch and Tablet Optimizations

The Pixel Watch gets a feature for easy unlocking of the smartphone. The Pixel Tablet offers improved features for video calls and now supports Spatial Audio.


The latest update for the Pixel series introduces a range of new AI features, primarily aimed at productivity and ease of use. These features are designed to make everyday use of Pixel devices more efficient and user-friendly.

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