McDonald’s partners with Google

McDonald’s and Google announced a strategic partnership to integrate Google’s cloud technology and generative AI solutions across thousands of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. This multi-year global collaboration aims to advance McDonald’s restaurant technology platform, making it one of the most sophisticated in the industry. McDonald’s intends to leverage a range of Google Cloud’s hardware, data, and AI technologies to accelerate innovation and enhance experiences for customers, restaurant teams, and employees.

The partnership includes significant advancements in McDonald’s restaurant and customer platforms, such as its mobile app and self-service kiosks globally. McDonald’s will use Google Cloud’s edge computing to power these new platforms, bringing data storage and high-powered computing to individual restaurants.

Google Distributed Cloud will be deployed in thousands of McDonald’s restaurants, enabling both cloud-based software applications and local software and AI solutions. This will allow for new insights into equipment performance, reduce business disruptions, and simplify operations for restaurant teams. McDonald’s will be the largest global foodservice retailer to utilize these new capabilities of Google Distributed Cloud, with plans to start providing thousands of restaurants with hardware and software upgrades next year.

Through this partnership, a dedicated Google Cloud team in Chicago will work closely with McDonald’s global innovation center, Speedee Labs, focusing on applying generative AI across various business priorities to create new experiences for crew and customers, leveraging McDonald’s unmatched convenience and value.

Press Release by McDonalds

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