Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

Superalignment Fast Grants: A $10 Million Initiative by OpenAI Introduction to Superalignment Fast Grants OpenAI announces the launch of the “Superalignment Fast Grants,” a substantial $10 million grant program aimed at fostering technical research on the alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems. This program is a response to the imperative need for new breakthroughs… Continue reading Superalignment Fast Grants by Open AI

OpenAI Whisper

A Technical Overview of Whisper: Developments in Automatic Speech Recognition Introduced in 2022, “Whisper” represents a significant advancement in automatic speech recognition systems (ASR). Developed by a team of researchers, this system is based on an extensive and diverse dataset, consisting of 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised learning from the web. Whisper is… Continue reading OpenAI Whisper

OpenAI fires Sam Altman

OpenAI Appoints Mira Murati as Interim CEO Following Sam Altman’s Departure OpenAI, Inc., a leading entity in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced a significant leadership change. Sam Altman, the company’s CEO and board member, is stepping down from his roles. In his stead, Mira Murati, who has been serving as the Chief Technology… Continue reading OpenAI fires Sam Altman