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OpenAI Appoints Mira Murati as Interim CEO Following Sam Altman’s Departure

OpenAI, Inc., a leading entity in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced a significant leadership change. Sam Altman, the company’s CEO and board member, is stepping down from his roles. In his stead, Mira Murati, who has been serving as the Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as the interim CEO.

Murati, a key figure in OpenAI for the past five years, has been instrumental in shaping the company into a globally recognized AI leader. Her comprehensive understanding of the company’s values, operations, business, and her leadership in research, product, and safety functions make her a fitting choice for the interim CEO role. The board, acknowledging her expertise in AI governance and policy, expects a smooth transition during the search for a permanent CEO.

The decision for Altman’s departure came after a thorough review by the board, which found issues with his transparency in communications, impacting the board’s oversight capabilities. This led to a loss of confidence in his leadership.

The board reaffirms its commitment to OpenAI’s mission of ensuring that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. While expressing gratitude for Altman’s contributions to OpenAI’s founding and growth, the board stresses the need for new leadership in advancing this mission.

In addition to Murati’s appointment, there are changes in the board’s composition. Greg Brockman, previously the chairman of the board, will continue in his company role, reporting to the CEO. The board includes notable figures such as Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist, and independent directors from diverse backgrounds.

Founded in 2015 as a non-profit, OpenAI restructured in 2019 to raise capital while preserving its core mission and governance. The majority-independent board plays a crucial role in upholding the company’s charter and mission amidst its rapid growth.


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