RunWayML goes GWMs - deine Info-Quelle für KI/AI-News

In today’s technological landscape, the development of AI-powered platforms plays a pivotal role. A groundbreaking innovation in this realm is the introduction of Stable Video Diffusion on the Stability AI Developer Platform API. This foundational model for generative video marks a milestone in digital video creation and is tailored for sectors like advertising, marketing, TV, film, and gaming.

The model stands out for its ability to generate 2 seconds of video within an average time of 41 seconds, comprising 25 generated frames and 24 frames of FILM interpolation, offering a frame rate of 24fps. Developers interested in using Stable Video Diffusion via an API can now access it on the Stability AI Developer Platform.

In addition to performance and safety, Stable Video Diffusion offers features like safety measures and watermarking. Developers can harness the full capabilities of the model, including motion strength control and support for various layouts and resolutions such as 1024×576, 768×768, and 576×1024. The model is compatible with image formats like JPG and PNG and allows for the choice between repeatable or random generation based on a seed. The final video output is delivered in MP4 format, facilitating easy integration into various applications and platforms.

Alongside these video generation features, the Stability AI Developer Platform offers a range of image generation models, including the flagship text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion XL. Furthermore, a waitlist is available to be among the first to access an upcoming Stable Video web interface.

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