Mistral goes Unicorn

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Mistral – The Rising French Unicorn in the AI Sector

Introduction to Unicorns and the Open-Source Movement

In the dynamic startup world, “unicorn” refers to privately held companies achieving a valuation over one billion US dollars. Originating in 2013, this term symbolizes the rarity and success of such companies, often in disruptive and innovative fields like technology or biotechnology.

Simultaneously, the open-source movement plays a significant role in the tech industry. Open source refers to software with publicly accessible source code, enabling modifications, further development, and free distribution. This philosophy promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and accelerates innovation processes.

Mistral – A New Star in the AI Sky

Mistral, a French startup, has quickly made a name for itself in the AI industry. Known for developing the Large Language Model (LLM) Mistral 7B, the company stands out with its commitment to open-source principles. This approach positions Mistral as a serious competitor in a market dominated by giants like OpenAI and Google.

Mistral’s philosophy of releasing their product and development tools under permissive licenses aligns with the growing need for transparency and accessibility in the tech world. This approach not only represents a return to open-source roots but also offers an alternative to the increasingly closed systems of major tech firms.

Funding and Future Perspectives

Mistral’s significance in the AI landscape was underscored by their successful Series-A funding round. This post-seed phase funding aims to support business model scaling, product development, and team expansion. Mistral’s achievement in this significant phase indicates investor confidence in its potential and viability.


Mistral exemplifies a new era in AI development, where openness, accessibility, and collaboration are key. Their approach to developing advanced AI models like Mistral 7B, while upholding open-source principles, points to an exciting future for AI technology. In an industry constantly evolving and facing new challenges, Mistral could be seen as a pioneer of a new trend in AI research and development.

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