Link list for the topic AI

AI for Developers:

A21studio (Compare AI Models Against Each Other) –

llamafile (turns LLMs into executables) –

LM Studio (run LLMs local via “Pluy and Play”) –

AI Model Information, Google Cloud –

Model Information Google Cloud Tensor Processing Units –

AI for Users and Consumers:

AI Voice Changer –

Blockade Labs (Text to 360°) –

Chatbot Arena (Comparison of LLMs – let them battle) –

DeepDreamGenerator (kostenloser Bildgenerator) –

Elicit (Analyze Academic Publications with AI) –

Gandalf (Try to convince the AI ​​to give you a key by prompting) –

Image Sharper – (Text / Image to Video) – (Text to Image) –

Perplexity (AI Web search) –

Runway (Text to Video) –

Runway TV (TV Channel with Runway Videos) –

Stable Diffusion XL (Text to Image) –

Visla (Storytelling via Text to Video) –

Wonderchat (Create Chatbots with Your Data Using ChatGPT) –


English-Language Link List on AI –

English-Language AI News Site –

ALEX JANUSCHEWSKY blogs about Prompts for MidJourney –

AI Podcast: “Understanding AI” by Deutschlandfunk –

AI Podcast by Digitalagentur Niedersachsen –

AI Podcast by Golem –