AI Basics - deine Info-Quelle für KI/AI-News

This introduction to the world of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and prompting is designed for those interested in this innovative technology. It provides foundational insights into neural networks, defines AI and its various sub-concepts, and serves as a basis for a deeper understanding of this dynamic field.

Main Points

At the heart of this introduction are the workings and applications of generative AI. Special attention is given to ChatGPT and autoregressive transformers, illustrating how texts are generated. The diffusion model is also highlighted, explaining pixel-by-pixel image generation and the creation of impressive visual results.

A key component is the design of prompts in generative AI. Techniques such as Single-, Few-, and Multiprompting are introduced, along with their effective application. System prompts, which contribute to efficiency, are also a topic.

Participants gain insights into various generative AI solutions, including text generation with OpenAI ChatGPT, image generation with OpenAI Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion and RunWayML for video generation.

Another focus is on the ethical and legal aspects of AI. Topics such as copyright and responsible handling of generative AI are illuminated. Evaluation criteria such as engagement, creativity, and quality of solution implementation are also discussed.

Various machine learning training methods like supervised, unsupervised learning, transfer learning, and semi-supervised learning are explained. Additionally, neural networks and their workings, particularly artificial neural networks (KNN), and various types of KNNs are covered.

A special aspect is Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), a training technique that uses human feedback to improve language models.

Summary – tl;dr

This introduction offers a comprehensive overview of generative AI. It imparts not only technical knowledge but also raises awareness of ethical and legal aspects. With this solid foundation, interested individuals are well-prepared to interact creatively and responsibly with AI and apply it in various contexts.