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Runway and Getty Images: Revolutionizing Video Production through AI

Runway has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Getty Images to create a new video model for corporate customers, delivering tailored, high-quality content. This model combines Runway’s advanced technology with Getty Images’ fully licensed creative content library, creating an innovative platform to bring ideas and stories to life through videos in new, safe, and corporate-friendly ways.

Getty Images: A Titan in the World of Images

Getty Images, a leading provider of images, videos, and music, is a global giant in the world of visual media. Its extensive library, consisting of millions of images and videos, is known for its high quality and diversity. This vast collection makes Getty Images an indispensable partner for media companies, advertising agencies, and businesses in various sectors.

The Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM)

The new RGM will serve as a base model upon which companies can develop their own specific models for video production. Runway customers can refine this model with their own data, enabling a wide range of applications. From Hollywood studios to advertising agencies and broadcasters, the RGM offers enhanced creative possibilities and new avenues for video production.

Vision of the Partnership

Cristóbal Valenzuela, CEO and co-founder of Runway, emphasizes that this collaboration elevates Runway’s mission of empowering creatives with AI tools to a new level of creative control and customization. Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, adds that combining human talent with powerful technology opens up enormous possibilities for video production.

Future of AI in Video Production

This partnership marks a significant step in using AI in video production. RGM will be commercially available in the coming months, promising to revolutionize how companies create video content. Training custom models with RGM will be particularly relevant for companies with their own datasets.

With the collaboration of Runway and Getty Images, the boundary of what’s possible with AI and video generation is being redefined. For companies, this means a simpler, more efficient, and more creative way to produce professional and brand-aligned content.

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