Microsoft Copilot update - deine Info-Quelle für KI/AI-News

Microsoft is updating its Copilot service with new features, including the latest models from OpenAI. Soon, Copilot will be equipped with the GPT-4 Turbo model, featuring enhanced data processing with a 128K context window for more accurate user query responses.

Additionally, an upgraded DALL-E 3 model is being integrated into Bing Image Creator and Copilot, aiming to enhance the quality and accuracy of image generation based on user prompts. Yusuf Medhi, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Consumer at Microsoft, highlights that these models are currently under testing with select users and will soon be broadly integrated into Copilot.

Developers and programmers will be interested in the new code interpreter feature coming to Copilot. This feature will enable the AI chatbot to perform more accurate calculations, data analysis, and even generate code.

Microsoft Edge is also receiving a Copilot sidebar for enhanced text composition and editing on websites. Additionally, Copilot can be used in Edge to summarize YouTube videos.

Finally, a “Deep Search” function is being added to Bing, leveraging the power of GPT-4 to optimize search results for complex queries by expanding them into more detailed descriptions.

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