Samsung AI Forum 2023: Samsung Gauss - deine Info-Quelle für KI/AI-News

Samsung unveiled its new generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum 2023, consisting of three components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image. Samsung Gauss Language is a language model similar to ChatGPT, planned to be integrated into Samsung devices. Samsung Gauss Code is designed to assist developers in coding, while Samsung Gauss Image focuses on image generation and editing.

Currently, Samsung Gauss is only used internally, with public availability expected in the near future. The Galaxy S24, potentially the first product based on this model, might be released in 2024. Samsung has also established an AI Red Team to monitor security and privacy aspects. The name Gauss honors mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose theory is fundamental to AI and machine learning. This development follows Samsung’s temporary ban on generative AI tools on its devices after a data breach earlier this year.

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